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Real rock for real men
Reviewer: Shane Tobin

This album rocks head to toe. It's as much an attitude as it is a state of mind. It's about going full throttle, no holds barred. Think Burt in Sharky's Machine or Bronson in Death Wish. That's the kind of attitude this album takes. But the album also has it's softer side reminscent of some of Eastwood's character's penchant for jazz. Tough but also not afraid to show emotion. I know that I've not mentioned any other musicians/bands in describing this album but too often bands are pigeonholed by such trite thinking. I believe this should give you more than enough info to go on. The world needs heroes and Fred Wilson is ready.

Fred Wilson: Is A Band?
Reviewer: Skinnie Magazine 08.11.03 - Hans Fink

...We had been listening to their CD on the way up there, and let me tell you, it fucking rocks. That’s right. Not just rocks, but fuckingrocks. It’s such a cool CD I just now had to use an expletive to describe it... like this is a family magazine. Fred Wilson has lyrical influences that range from the Beastie Boys to Tom Waits. But if you hate lyrics and only care about music, then the music is an interesting conglomeration of rock, surf guitar, funk, lounge jazz, and spy music all rolled into a genre they like to call Action Rock n’ Roll. It reminds of me of a hard-rock version of Soulcoughing coming together with Merle Haggard to form a soundtrack to a David Lynch film. Sounds too crazy, huh? That’s because it is. From songs like the addictive, “Good Impressions” to the eerie “I Know the Devil” (which will be featured in the upcoming film ‘11:14’), I was thoroughly enthralled.

Equally enthralling was the live show, which kicked off with “Action Rock n’ Roll” and ended with an excellent cover of “Shake Your Rump” by the Beastie Boys. I was impressed with everything from the flawless execution of the songs to their energetic stage presence. Halfway through the set, a couple of percussionists came onto the stage and provided back up grooves on a couple of songs; back up percussion is always pretty cool. It was pretty off the hook...

Unsolicited opinion...
Reviewer: Tom the neighbor kid

Fred Wilson...Man, I love that guy!

Loud, surly, and full of hooks...a band worth checking out
Reviewer: AOL Local City Guide 01.05.2003 - Garrett Kamps

First off, there's no one in this band named Fred Wilson. Composed of vocalist/guitarist Jason Gajda, bassist Bryan Dobbs, guitarist Weston Radcliffe and drummer Ward Poulos, Fred Wilson is named after, well, some guy named Fred Wilson apparently. But while their name may be pedestrian, their music is not. Inspired by the likes of everyone from the Beastie Boys to Cake to Tom Waits, the band plays a brand of music that they've dubbed Action Rock, which, in truth, is kind of a synonym for frat rock. Loud, surly, and full of hooks, Fred Wilson songs swagger through tripped out guitars, call-and-response choruses, and beefy rhythms that make for some good old-fashioned party music. What separates their tunes from the latest 'Jock Jams' compilation, however, is the polished musicianship and widely varying styles. Neither Limp Bizkit, nor Third Eye Blind, nor 311, the band manages to embody the best elements of all three but still create something all its own. You may have never heard of Fred Wilson but nonetheless, he's a band worth checking out.

KROQ might want to pounce on Action Rock N Roll
Reviewer: Music Connection - 4.13.03

This pop-rock four-piece have got "Action Rock N Roll." a tune that some of us feel is a radio-ready hit that KROQ might want to pounce on. Catchy, clever, sardonic lyrics set to a lurching beat add up to an infections neo-novelty number. The other two songs we demo'd are strong and serve to shade in the band's smart-ass sweetness. "Good Impressions" drives home just how good singer Jason Gajda is, while the Badly Drawn Boy-ish "Cocktail Bar" offers wry look at Hollywood lowlife. Production - 8 Lyrics - 7 Music - 8 Vocals - 7 Musicianship - 7 OVERALL - 7.4

Absolutely Infectious!
Reviewer: krycis

Pardon me while I get my ring on and my medali-on. This album explodes at you from the get go with the title track and then phonically mesmerizes you with the rest of it's intelligent, catchy song writing and tight, funky rock and roll. This album was my "next favorite album" from the second the first track finished. The album is non-stop fun, with fantastic songwriting: I doubt you'll be able to get the lyrics of "Zed" out of your head for hours after you've heard it. Their sound is all their own, a completely fresh take on rock to my ears, which makes the album a jewel of a CD to own. "Action Rock 'N Roll" is a must for anyone looking for something new that simply rocks out loud.

Catchy, high energy, great lyrics
Reviewer: Jon Renaut

If you like Cake, you'll probably like these guys, too. They have a similar quirky, offbeat style, great tongue-in-cheek lyrics. I don't mean that they are Cake clones, because they definitely aren't. I was hooked the first time I listened to the title track, and the rest of the cd is great, too. My only complaint is that the drum and bass could have used a little more kick. The music at times seems a little dominated by the singing and the guitar, and I would like to see more balance. This is really a minor issue, though, and probably is mostly just personal preference. Anyway, listen to the cd. I think it's great, and I think you'll love it.

Thank a deity, ROCK IS NOT DEAD!!!
Reviewer: FLWB

You can pick up on many musical influences on this disc but Fred Wilson melds them into something all their own. From the opening track that offers up REM beaten into submission by Faith No More to track 3 starting as brash Soundgarden softened by Soulhat at THE COCKTAIL BAR. track 4 tosses Ween, Big Chief, King Missle and Kid Rock in the musical blender and comes up with a POWERFUL APHRODISIAC. The rock stutter of JAKE'S WOMAN and IN WALKED ZED just needs to be heard. The live Surf/Spy closer of NIGHTRAIN would segue with CAKE's DISTANCE. If you like your collection now, you'll love it with this disc. Buy It!

Get your action on!
Reviewer: D*J*E*

One of the most original bands out there! Hey, the members invented their own genre of music, how much cooler can they be? The tunes are rock with an awesome (and even dance-able) beat, with clever lyrics (some that will make you crack up with laughter)! This cd is a must have in your collection. You can get your rock on, and your action on, all at once. Hey, why not get your "Action Rock 'n' Roll" on?

rock on fred wilson
Reviewer: bob revai

tight playing by the band...terrific lyrics...I see a major label deal in the near future...don't quit guys...keep on rocking...

Kicks Ass!!!!

CD is top notch--original, intelligent, fun, rockin, creative and full. Why isn't this band HUGE? Some of the most original rock and roll being produced today. We need more CDs from Fred. This CD is a mere tease...